Heart Pendant With Round Ashes In glass Cabochon.

A heart pendant is a classic and timeless piece of jewellery that holds a special place in many people’s hearts, pun intended. It is a pendant in the shape of a heart, symbolising love, affection, and emotions.

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A love heart pendant with a round memorial glass cabochon combines two beautiful elements to create a heartfelt and cherished piece of jewellery. This pendant design features a heart-shaped frame that holds a round glass cabochon.

The heart-shaped frame symbolises love, affection, and emotional connection, making it a fitting choice for a memorial pendant. It represents the love shared between you and your loved one, even after they have passed away.

The round memorial glass cabochon serves as the centerpiece for the pendant. This cabochon is usually made of clear or coloured glass and is designed to encase a small portion of cremation ashes. The glass cabochon provides a protective layer while allowing you to see and appreciate the contents inside.

The combination of the heart shape and the round cabochon creates a visually striking contrast, adding depth and dimension to the pendant. It’s a beautiful way to honour and remember your loved one by wearing a symbol of your enduring love and connection


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