Men’s Large Ashes In Glass Signet Ring

Men’s very large Memorial signet ring. This statement signet ring hosts the ashes in a bespoke handcrafted 10mm flat round glass with a unique hand-formed bevel-edge to give it that extra special unique look.

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Transforming ashes into a glass memorial signet ring, is a beautiful and poignant way to commemorate a loved one. This process involves incorporating a small quantity of the deceased’s ashes into a specially handcrafted bespoke glass, which is then set into the signet ring. This type of memorial jewellery is not only a way to keep a part of your loved one close, but also serves as a unique piece of art.

The ashes are carefully mixed with molten coloured glass and bezel set into the signet ring.

Receiving and wearing the ring can be an emotional moment. It’s a tangible reminder of the loved one you’ve lost. Allow yourself time to reflect and possibly share this moment with friends or family who understand its significance.

Creating ashes into glass memorial signet ring is a deeply personal process, resulting in a piece that is as unique as the person it commemorates. Such a ring serves as a lasting tribute, offering comfort and closeness to the wearer, encapsulating memories and the essence of the loved one, in a beautiful piece of jewellery.



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