Single Stone Ashes In Glass Memorial ring

Single stone cabochon ring comes in three stone sizes starting with a elegant 6 mm stone, then a 8 mm stone followed by a statement piece containing a 10 mm glass cabochon.

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6 mm Single Stone Memorial Ring:

This ring features a 6 mm glass cabochon as the centre piece.  It offers a delicate and understated look, while still holding significant meaning.

8 mm Single Stone Memorial Ring:

This ring showcases a slightly larger 8 mm glass cabochon, providing a bolder and more substantial appearance. The increased size can enhance the presence of the stone and make it more eye-catching.

10 mm Single Stone Memorial Ring (Statement Piece) :

This 10 mm glass cabochon will create a stunning statement piece. The larger size draws attention to the stone and makes a bold memorial statement.


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