Triangle Ashes In Glass Pendant

Triangle pendant hosting a handcrafted bespoke memorial 8mm glass cabochon suspended on a beautiful diamond cut curb necklace.

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A triangle memorial pendant is a type of jewellery that is designed to serve as a remembrance or tribute to a deceased loved one. It is a meaningful and sentimental piece of jewellery that allows the wearer to keep the memory of their loved one close to their heart.

The triangle shape in a memorial pendant can hold various symbolic meanings, some of which include:

Past, Present, Future: The three sides of the triangle can represent the past, present, and future, symbolising the eternal nature of the memories and the enduring love for the departed.

Trinity of Life: The triangle can symbolise the interconnectedness of the three elements of life, such as birth, life, and death, or the body, mind, and spirit.

Balance and Harmony: The triangle represents balance and harmony, which can be a reminder of finding peace and solace during the grieving process.

Connection: The three points of the triangle may signify the connection between the wearer, their loved one’s memory and the divine or spiritual realm.

The pendant is not only a beautiful piece of jewellery but also serves as touching and comforting reminder of the love and cherished memories shared with the departed. People often wear memorial pendants as a way to keep their loved one’s memory alive and close to their heart, providing comfort and support during times of grief and healing.


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